SouthZone Hospitals Pvt Ltd. Kunnamkulam, Thrissur. (Kunnamkulam Eye & Diabetes Centre)
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KUNNAMKULAM EYE AND DIABETIC CENTRE is a comprehensive speciality centre for diabetes care which is operational from May 2009 in Kunnamkulam, Thrissur district Kerala, India, Inaugurated by Prof & HOD. Department of Endocrinology & Diabetes Dr. HARISH KUMAR AIMS. KOCHI. We introduced for the first time in the area, a structured and all-encompassing diabetes detection and care programme in one centre. The centre offers facilities from head to foot evaluation of diabetes patients.
Consultant Diabetologist and Foot Care Specialist
MD Physician, PGD in Diabetology (AIMS Kochi)

Apart from Diabetologists, we have facilities for Nephrology, Opthalmology(Early diabetes detection,cateract surgery,phaco) , Obesity, Podiatry, Dietary, Diabetic educator services and speciality of this area mainly to save the limbs avoid amputation. We saved lot of feet, just because of early detection and modified special foot wear and care consultations. 6 days a week and has registered around 25000 patients in the last 8 years.

In our short but eventful, 8 year history, we conducted 1000 free diabetes detection and awareness camps in both rural and urban areas. Awareness classes nearby schools, and free eye checkup and cataract surgery for poor non-affordable patients. All the camps were conducted with non-profit motive collaborating with organizations/public health centers of the localities, thus gaining invaluable experience in community programmes. Also, the camps were mainly managed by the staff of SHRC in addition to the doctors/volunteers of the local area, thereby developing a capable staff with expertise and social commitment.

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  »   Diabetes Care and education
  »   Nephrology. Early detection of Diabetes, Kidney disease and Prevention of Diabetic Nephropathy
  »   Preventive Diabetes Foot Care (Podiatry)
  »   Diabetic Eye Care(Cataract surgery, Phaco emulsification)
  »   Diabetes Neuropathy
  »   State of Art Diagnostic Laboratory
  »   Special Diabetes Counseling
  »   Nutrition and Diet Counseling
  »   Obesity and Lifestyle Counseling
  »   Multi-disciplinary diabetic Foot clinic
  »   Pharmacy with products and medicines for diabetes treatment
  »   Obesity Clinic
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