SouthZone Hospitals Pvt Ltd. Kunnamkulam, Thrissur. (Kunnamkulam Eye & Diabetes Centre)
At KEDC, we constantly strive for excellence by maintaining and providing the best standards in patient-care.Our hospital are designed with patient safety and care as priority. With all the safety precautions and mechanisms in place, our staff are well trained and equipped to handle any unforeseen event. Rest assured that we will take good care of all your needs while you avail the best of our services and facilities.

Parking Area
Ample Parking Space for parking all types of vehicles

Reception / Lobby
Aesthetically laid out reception area with adequate seating arrangements and ample space for resting and relaxation in between doctor visits and procedures. Our Public Relations personnel are specifically trained to treat our visitors warmly and courteously Public Relations Personnel available round the clock for assistance.

Fully equiped Microbiology Laboratory

State of the art equipments and facilities

A neat and well-stocked Cafeteria, also providing room service

Communication Lines
Internet connections

Water Supply
Hot / Cold Water Supply
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