SouthZone Hospitals Pvt Ltd. Kunnamkulam, Thrissur. (Kunnamkulam Eye & Diabetes Centre)
      Instructions For Patients    
  • All new patients have to take a prior appointment either through the telephone
  • Before reaching the hospital, all new patients should undergo 8-10 hrs of fasting for the blood tests. (Can have dinner at 8.00 pm and then the blood test be done at 8.00 am next day. Make sure there is no caloric intake for 12 hours)
  • A newly registered patient may go through various procedures at our centre, besides the blood test.
  • Additional tests and medications may be required based on status of the Disease
  • Dilated eye examination will be conducted to diagnose early retinopathy
  • Preferably a responsible caretaker should accompany the patient to enable long term follow up instructions/ education on meters, dosage titrations, reporting via telephone
  • Please openly discuss with the team all your ailments including sexual dysfunction if any.
  • After completing all these procedures in our centre, patient will be ready to consult the diabetes team and the diabetologist.
  • A new patient has to dedicate a whole day in the center. Please come prepared for that. (If you are too busy and cannot find time to take care of your own health please avoid us)
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