SouthZone Hospitals Pvt Ltd. Kunnamkulam, Thrissur. (Kunnamkulam Eye & Diabetes Centre)
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KEDC has an in house optical outlet with many branded and non-branded special frames to suit people of all age group. There are budget and expensive branded ones. There also a range of stylist protective glasses. Based on the prescription, single vision, bifocal and multi focal lenses are fit with precision by experienced staff.

Cataract Clinic
Unique Centre In Kunnamkulam (KUNNAMKULAM EYE HOSPITAL. Where daily Cataract surgery in PHACO). Cataract is one of the natural crystalline lens normally seen in old age. It can also occur in younger individuals with diabetes or trauma etc. Only effective treatment is surgery. The Clouded lens is replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL). At KEDC we do no stitch surgery which practically painless. Multiple IOL choices are available including foldable IOL.
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  »   PHACO.NACH for perfect key hole cataract surgery only
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