SouthZone Hospitals Pvt Ltd. Kunnamkulam, Thrissur. (Kunnamkulam Eye & Diabetes Centre)
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Diabetes Team
At SHRC, diabetes evaluation,education and treatment is provided by a dedicated and committed team of professionals, paramedical staff, diabetes educators, nurses and dieticians. Most of the members of this team are trained from national centres of excellence. Patients undergo a detailed clinical assessment by the diabetologist. Patients undergo full battery of investigations.

Diabetes Education :
It is estimated that 6 patients die of diabetes once in every minute (one death in 10 seconds). This happens because of lack of awareness among the common man on the occurrence of heart attacks, blindness, kidney damage, leg ulcers, loss of sexual ability etc. due to diabetes. At SHRC, the diabetes educators dedicate sufficient time in educating the patients and their care givers on this silent killer.

Head to foot evaluation
Diabetes is the only disease in which Comprehensive Intensive Management can prevent complications in the long term. At SHRC, extensive evaluations are carried out, investigations include blood and urine evaluation, foot evaluation, eye by ophthalmologist and dietetic advises by graduated dietician.

It is stated that every 30 seconds one diabetes patient looses his foot. In other words leg ulcers and amputations are a leading cause of physical and mental torture among patients with diabetes. Not only is the treatment expensive, but the hospital stay is also prolonged from months to years At SHRC, all patients undergo foot Doppler studies, Podiascan, monofilament, vibrometer studies (Biothesiometer) etc.
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